A - D - A
My name is Joe Roberts - I work for the State
A - A - E
I'm a sergeant out on Perenville barracks No 8
A - D - A
I've always done an honest job honest as I could
D - A - D
Got a brother named Frankie Frankie ain't no good

Well ever since we were young kids it's been the same come down
I'd get a call on the short wave: Frankie's in trouble downtown
But if it was any other man I'd put him straight away
But sometimes when it's your brother you look the other way

D - A - D - A
Yeah me and Frankie laughin' and drinkin' nothin' feels better than blood on blood
D - A - A - E
Takin' turns dancin' with Maria while the band played "The Night Of The Johnstown Flood"
A - D - A
I catch him when he's strayin' like any brother should
E - E7 - A
Man turns his back on his family - he ain't no good

Well Frankie went into the army back in 1965
I got a farm deferment settled down took Maria for my wife
But them wheat prices kept on droppin' till it was like we's gettin' robbed
Frankie came home in '68 and me I took this job


The night was like any other I got a call bout the quarter of nine
There was trouble at a roadhouse out on the Michigan line
There was a kid on the floor lookin' bad bleedin' hard from his head
There was a girl cryin' at a table it was Frankie she said

I ran out and I jumped in my car then I hit the lights
I must have done about a hundred and ten to Michigan County that night
It was down by the crossroads out bout by willow bank
Seen the buick with Ohio plates behind the wheel was Frank

Well I chased him through them county roads
Till the sign said Canadian border five miles from here
Pulled over the side of the highway ┬┤nd watched his taillights disappeared